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Edgar Allen Poe The famous American writer, poet, and author brought to life through his scary stories and books. Check out the detail in this piece! 


Father Time  Based off the God Chronos from Greek Mythology. Chronos is the personification of time, also known as Father Time. This will be the first part of a two part painting. 


Archimedes  The painting is based of the mathematician's famous quote "Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth."


Nilus  The Nile River God and his 16 children. The original sculpture is at the Vatican in Rome, Italy.


Salvador Dali  The famous artist brought to life through his art and surrealism.

Skip Marley  The Grammy award winning artist and the youngest of the Marley's.


The First Labor of Hercules The first out of 12 labors where Hercules kills the Nemean lion and wears the skin to King Eurystheus.


Lacoon & Sons The story of Poseidon's priest Lacoon and his sons being killed be a sea serpent sent from Poseidon himself, after Lacoon exposed the ruse of the Trojan horse.


PERSEUS The untold story of Perseus and Medusa. The snakes on Medusas's head are still attacking the Gorgon slayer as he grasps her head is his hand.


JULIUS CAESAR 2021 version of the famous Roman General.

Athena The Roman goddess of war unleashing the immortal Pegasus.

The Creation XIV Take a closer look at the making of Edgar Allen Poe.

The Creation Vol XI Take a closer look at the making of Father Time.

The Creation Vol X Take a closer look at the making of Archimedes.

The Creation Vol IX Take a closer look at the making of Nilus.

The Creation Vol VIII Take a closer look at the making of Salvador Dali.

The Creation Vol VII  Take a closer look athe making of Skip Marley.

THE CREATION VOL VI Take a closer look at the making of The First Labor of Hercules.

THE CREATION VOL V Take a closer look at the making of Lacoon & Sons.

THE CREATION VOL III Take a closer look at the making of Perseus.

THE CREATION VOL. IV Take a closer look at the making of Julius Caesar.

The Creation Vol II Take a closer look at the making of Athena. 

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