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Conrad Orlando Mural

Conrad Orlando11x27 ft Conrad Orlando mural featured at the newest luxury resort a few miles from Disney. Check out all colors in this piece!

The Story of Chronos Adding some final details and highlights to my new painting, The Story of Chronos, the sequel to Father Time. This will be a trilogy of paintings. The past, present, and future.


Spartans Rage 30x40 in acrylic on canvas. Based on the war between Sparta and the Persian Empire, the painting depicts a Spartan warriors rage as their spears fly through the sky . Canvas prints available.


Athena & the owl of wisdom
24x36 Acrylic on canvas. Athena and her Owl of wisdom which was known to reveal the truths of the world to her and also represent the wisdom and knowledge of Athena.


Light Up the Day Digital painting of a green sea turtle diving beneath a beautiful sunrise alongside some sergeant fish and a banded butterfly fish. Limited edition prints available!


Hercules & Achelous The story of Hercules battling Achelous metamorphosed into a serpent! Achelous was the rival of Hercules in a fight over Deianira in Greek mythology. Hercules defeated Achelous. This sculpture is in located at the the Louvre, in Paris, France. Check it out!

The Creation Vol XVI: Mursi Warrior Check out some highlights from the making of Mursi Warrior and take a look at the Omo Valley of East Africa!

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